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About Lorax

There are over 15,000 local environmental groups in North America. That is a lot of people who are concerned about the environment but scattered across many orgs, diluting our strength. Make no mistake the ruling class, the owner class like this way, it makes it easy for them to rape Mother Earth and feed their bottomless, cavernous greed.

The action here can be learned from Joe Hill who said, right before he was murdered by the state of Utah, Don't morn, organize! The Wobblies make the point that to gather strength we should organize into one big union not many small unions. This is divide and conquer which is exactly what the ruling class want, keep us fighting each other and not them.

What we are doing here is not so much building one big environment org but building a web site to help organize us by discovering each other orgs in North America and with the knowledge of each other, tools, and alert actions build the strength to save the Goddess, Mother Earth from those who would rape and pillage her.

Of course their is strength in numbers and we can use your help. As we build this site your input is most helpful. If you know of any local environmental orgs in your area or even ones that you know about please let us know. We are also looking for blogs, planned or on-going action, and alerts. Please send then along either at our contact page or suggestion page.